About Renewable Energy utilizing equipments:


biogas plants/bottle plants

India has a huge population of humans and cattle. One fifth of the population of earth as well as millions of cattle reside in India. So bio-logical waste is available in abundance.

  • No effort has been made to use this waste for the purpose of production of energy to run power plants, vehicles etc.
  • Several years back a half hearted effort was made to use this Bio-Gas as a source of cooking with the help of bio-digesters.
  • By an approximate formula, 100 cows will give/day 1000/Kg of cow dung, this in a bio digester will yield about 40 M3 of Gobar gas. After removing impurities such as CO2, Sulphur, Moisture etc will yield about 20M3 or 17Kg of pure methane gas.
  • The whole System from Input of Biogas into the Machine till Filling CBG into a Vehicle or Bottles consumes less than 5Kva of Power for a system designed to treat 200 M3. of gobar-gas.
  • The system can safely be operated by our rural citizens with minimum training.
  • A properly coordinated movement could result in complete conversion of Vehicles from fossil-based fuel to abundantly available Methane. This movement would change the face of Indian economy forever. The size & cost of the plant depends upon the total quantum of Gobar available.
Bio GAS Plant





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