About Renewable Energy utilizing equipments:


Solar LED Street Lights

Solar street light system converts the sun energy into electricity and stores it, provide green illuminance.

  • Solar street lighting system include solar panel; Solar charge controller; Battery;
  • The Pole System are widely used in city streets, pavements, squares, schools, remote areas, factories.
  • LED lights are about 20 times as efficient as the old sodium lights. They make a lot more light and a lot less heat for less electricity.
  • Because of energy saving ability of LED street lights, cost of solar street lighting system will be much lower.
  • Save all your electricity cost. Save electric transformer and cable cost, Long lifespan.
  • The Lifespan of solar panel is 20-25 years. Lifespan of LED street lights 6-8 years. Lifespan of battery is 4-6 years.
Solar Street liteSolar LED STREET LIGHT

Wind Energy

With the rising costs of traditional energy, alternate sources of energy are being looked into. Wind Energy is one such alternative source of energy.

  • The conversion of wind energy to various other useful forms, like electricity, is known as wind power. Wind energy is converted into these forms using wind turbines.
  • Wind energy can be converted into electrical energy by the use of a electrical generator.
  • The first use of wind energy was through wind mills. Wind mills had engines which used to produce energy using wind.This energy was usually used in rural and agricultural areas for grinding, pumping, hammering and various farm needs.
  • Even today, wind energy is used in large scale wind farms to provide electricity to rural areas and other far reaching locations.
  • It is one of the largest forms of Green Energy used in the world today. In terms of wind power installed capacity, India is ranked 5th in the World. Today India is a major player in the global wind energy market.


  •  Wind energy is renewable, it is widely distributed, cheap, and also reducing toxic gas emissions.
  • Wind Energy is also advantageous over traditional methods of creating energy, in the sense that it is getting cheaper and cheaper to produce wind energy. Wind Energy may soon be the cheapest way to produce energy on a large scale.
  • The cost of producing wind energy has come down by at least eighty percent since the eighties. Along with economy, Wind Energy is also said to diminish the greenhouse effect.
  • Also, wind energy generates no pollution. The wind will exist till the time the sun exists, which is roughly another four billion years. Theoretically, if all the wind power available to humankind is harnessed, there can be ten times of energy we use, readily available.

Wind Turbine

wind Turbine


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