We i.e., DREEMS TEAM are providing various services such as:

  • Conducting energy conservation awareness programs in colleges, schools, villages, factories, and offices etc.
  • To advocate “NATIONAL ENERGY CONSERVATION MOVEMENT” launched by Govt. of INDIA aimed at reducing the energy conservation by cutting down the enormous energy wastages in houses, offices, factories and firms.
  • Propagating the concept of “GREEN HOUSES” in people, builders, and factories etc.
  • Providing technical support to the required design, project report and identifying the suppliers, manufacturers etc., till the projects are erected, commissioned and maintenance.
  • Setting up of Solar stand alone systems ranging form 100W to 2kW.
  • Setting up of Solar power plants ranging form 1kW to 2MW.

  And also creating various awareness programs about Renewable Energy utilizing equipments such as :


Solar LED Street Lights

Wind Energy Mills (Micro)

Solar Street Lights WIND FAN

Solar water heating systems

Solar steam cooking

Solar Water Heaters Solar Cooker

Solar driers

 Bio-gas plants/Bottling plants

Solar Driers Bio Gas Plant

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