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  • To install in every house a Roof Top Solar Power Pack of 1KW, 2KW and a wind power pack in every village & in urban houses at an affordable price there by reducing load on the POWER GRID which is dependent on Govt. Power Utilities. 


  Solar Roof top  
  •  To create awareness on the energy conservation among the consumers. 
  •  To replace the existing street lines ( 4 - 40W Fluorescent lamps, H.P.M.V & H.P.S.P lamps) with Solid state Luminaries i.e. with LED, which reduces energy consumption considerably with the equivalent lumens which are to promote solar lanterns (portable) which will be most useful to villagers, presents in attractive handy models which they can carry for agricultural fields in the night time.


  Solar Street lights  
  • To provide independent energy to every house with out transmission lines, distribution network.
  • A generating station on the roof top of every house, which is sufficient to inmates of the house.
  •  A clean and green energy with out fuel gas emissions, which preserves further depletion of fossil fuels.